Hi, my name is Mélanie and I'm 18. I live in Belgium and I speak a few languages (french, dutch, english, and I'm learning spanish).

I love watching Bob sponge squarepants, the Simpsons, Awkward, PLL, TVD, the Originals, Glee, OUAT, OUAT in Wonderland, Teen Wolf, AHS, TBBT, Switched at Birth, Faking It, Sherlock, DW, and a few british sitcoms.

I also love Harry Potter and everything that has a link with it (even AVPM, AVPS & AVPSY ♥ )

I also like reading mangas, and my greatest passion is singing. I've videos online and if you wanna see them, just ask me ;)

I'm not quite sure of what I am, but I may be a pansexual although I don't know if it's a phase or something.

Feel free to ask me anything and talk to me, I won't bite you to death (those who get the reference are my new best friends)

Have fun and a nice day ♥